Young women dating object lesson

08 May

Since there are no videos for this lesson, I will pull out a talk.

So this past weekend I was visiting my sister, who is a Young Women leader in her ward, and she showed me this skit that they did for their New Beginnings. Apparently it is from Sugardoodle, but I couldn’t find a writing credit, unfortunately.

Now onto the lesson and how I plan to conquer the lifer way of thinking: This is a drawing that I quickly did, to show you what I mean by drawing a scripture.I used words here to express more of the scripture, but they can do it how they want.I allotted myself the ten minute limit that I allow my girls.Unfortunately, you can’t see the accompanying artwork, which shows a group of children whose bodies are sufficiently covered.Even the dogs are wearing sweaters.) So I’m pretty sure they’ve stepped up the modesty talk in the last twenty years.