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07 Jul

It had cars, it had bikes, it had weather effects, it had gorgeous real world cities, it had incredible online integration, and it handled like a dream.While the Play Station 3 is home to racing juggernaut, Gran Turismo, the now closed Bizarre Creations managed to produced a real gem - the kind of game that we’ll look back on and wonder how it wasn’t the huge hit it deserved to be.Zeboyd Games originally released fame was also active in helping other developers on the platform.While the closure is an incredibly slow one, the response from the community who still use the service has been huge.An email sent out to developers on the platform explained how the closure is happening, with the final point of death being when the marketplace closes in September 2017.There’s also the usual Microsoft PR spiel about signing up for Xbox One’s Indie program, Thank you so much for your partnership and interest in creating and releasing Independent Games onto the Xbox 360 platform.

There wasn't a gatekeeper, instead we reviewed each other’s' games before they were released on the store. Dean Dodrill ("Dust: An Elysian Tail") helped create a boxart for one of my titles.

As we move forward, we are excited to showcase the new Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform that enables independent developers to self-publish and release on multiple platforms such as PC, tablets, Xbox One and mobile devices.

Third-party tools such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and Game Maker provide a great way for new developers to get started, and all are supported on Microsoft devices with Windows 10… With these programs in place and offering a great way forward for development on Windows 10 and Xbox One, we are retiring Xbox Live Indie Games on Xbox 360 on the following schedule (the dates below are estimates and may change slightly): September 9th, 2015: Users will no longer be able to purchase an annual membership subscription.

It's affordable, packed with content and this time around it's Xbox Play Anywhere. Jam packed with new circuits, racers and single player challenges, Renegade also has a pretty solid multiplayer mode for you to take on the world.

Microsoft has officially killed the Xbox 360 and we're in mourning already.