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11 Sep

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A tax return must be submitted if taxable income, that is subject to taxation in Estonia, is received, but on which no income tax has been withheld upon payment (rental income, gain from transfer of property, business income).

The data and information received from the employer about amounts of wages and taxes paid on it is already pre-filled in online (the tax return and lots of information about deductible amounts as home loan interests paid to Estonian banks, educational costs to the Estonian schools and so on).

If there is anything missing in the tax return, for example no foreign income, the pre-filled information has to be amended.

Ulykkesrisikoen for fritidsbåter er høyere enn for personbiler, men lavere enn ulykkesrisikoen for sykkel og motorsykkel.

Båtens hastighet ved ulykken er generelt sett noe høyere i personskadeulykker enn i materiellskadeulykker.