World of warcraft better than online dating

12 Aug

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Both my wife and I have played World of Warcraft since pre-TBC, I started playing it first then she got into it about a month later since shes an animal nut and I got her hooked by explaining the Hunter class.

I've advocated for swift in-person meetings in the past, but I also use IM as my primary method of communication with my best friend, and I know it's too simplistic to say that online conversations are less "real" than offline ones. One problem with the chat and message functions on online dating sites is that there's not always that much to talk about.Most people assume more players equals better server but we enjoy the smaller populations where both factions actually respect eachother for Pv P.I left retail with a 80 Pally, 73 DK and a bunch of 30's all Alliance.We still are active on private servers although it does get annoying when they just up and disappear shutting down after you've invested more than a year but with rates of x10-20 times that of retail it's no big deal just starting over, lol.What is the ultimate challenge for us older players is finding a "good adult community" among the private servers.