Who is urs buhler dating

03 May

Swiss tenor Urs Buhler has been belting out high notes for over a decade as a member of II Divo, the crossover musical quartet formed by Simon Cowell.The chart-topping foursome covers pop songs with a classical approach, a blend that's been labeled pop opera.

After all, they are four young men from humble and reduced circumstances who are working hard to throttle every opportunity out of this chance they have been given. We do what we do and a lot of people seem to like it.

And people just can't seem to fathom that this is actually possible."By this time, we are in a private room in the hotel, where the group chow down on a hurried boy meal of steak sandwiches and pasta – a rather lonely Friday night dinner grabbed between landing at the airport and getting on the train.

This is the reality of life on the road with Il Divo: disciplined and gruelling, despite the surface gloss.

On a Friday night in London, Il Divo somehow manage to make it through the packed bar of the Soho Hotel without being noticed.

Yet anyone scrutinising their progress could tell by the way they move through the crowd that they are stars; the kind of celebrities who are used to being mobbed and have good reason to be fearful of groups of women.