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12 Jul

She adds that she wanted to run but couldn’t because she was naked, save for scant underwerar. There’s a lot going on,” she explains to Handler, who, true to character, retorts, “That’s not my problem at that point!my problem.” Before making his very naked exit, Hayek put forth a sinister prank and asked that the masseusse head over to her friend’s suite one room over.Salma Hayek’s body measurements are gorgeous example of hourglass body type.She has full natural bust, slim waist and wide hips.In the film, Beatrice collides with an egocentric billionaire at a wealthy client’s dinner party and the opposing dynamic between the polar archetypes sweeps the narrative from there.The film also stars Connie Britton, Chloë Sevigny and John Lithgow as said billionaire.[Marie Claire] Kendall and Kourtney wore matching bra tops.

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Already a star in her own country, Mexican beauty Salma Hayek found herself "out of the running for every role except prostitutes and maids" when she arrived in the US to forge a career.

"I think that this is the big elephant in the room.

While many fashion-week goers are busy debuting new outfits and cool street style looks for Paris Fashion Week, Salma Hayek decided to totally revamp her hair for the occasion.

Playing a masseuse in the film, Hayek recently shared a story of a recent “massage from Hell” she recieved while sitting down with Chelsea Handler on her Netflix talk show.

“I was in a very foreign, exotic country,” Hayek begins, where only one male masseuse was available.