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27 Aug

OK, so I love this song, and I'll grant that I know nothing about music, but does this song sound to anyone else like Yngwie Malmsteen's "Cavallino Rampante" at approximately one minute in? It WAS released as a single in the UK (12" only) in 1978-9, as DJM (his old company) continued to cash in on old material from the days before Rocket Records was set up.

Again, I know nothing about music, and Yngwie's song is probably a cover, but something about the notes sounds to me to be quite similar. Elton's other long medley ("We All Fall In Love Sometimes/Curtains") was on the "B" side.

Charles, I too, was known in school as the "Elton" freak, and 30 years later, at class reunions the subject still comes up..Elton's still around so apparently we know talent when we hear it!

These two songs melded together make a masterpiece & I never tire of hearing them, either. But what really gets me on this song, and on all the other songs on this album (especially "Grey Seal"), is the amazing bass playing.

On one of our early dates, this song came on the radio just as we pulled into the parking garage. I kept being late in the era when you had to clock on.

I was thinking how I would like to sit and listen when she said "Can we just stay here and listen to this song? I was absolutely floored by how much of a connection we had over this song, and music in general. Things were getting out of hand so I chanced explaining my addiction to my boss - relieved that it wasn't laziness, I think, he sided with me, understood, and kept me on. I've never heard it mentioned, but Love Lies Bleeding is the common name of a flower!

It was the perfect Halloween party.-Monk, Nipomo, CAI agree with Brad from Tennessee: the live version from Here and There is better. The double disk set which was released years later was remixed and the song suffers.I was 14 and I knew that life as I knew it was over.My Dad moved into his new "bachelor pad" and bought a quadraphonic sterio system and a few albums the guy at the shop suggested. I don't think my Dad ever listened to it but I played it relentlessly.Dee Murray has to be one of the most underrated/unknown bass players of all time.Though Funeral For a Friend and Love Lies Bleeding were not originally intended to go together, these were back in the days of album sequencing.