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21 Oct

Ex on the Beach beauty Charlotte Dawson once spent almost a grand on a disastrous date in Amsterdam.The Celebs Go Dating star has been sharing details of her love life disasters and recalled one incident where she fell head over heels for a gentleman she met while partying in Ibiza.Apart from the obvious safety aspects, it can loosen your tongue just a little bit too much.Even if your date is drinking the same amount as you, don’t assume that makes it okay.If you want to make it clear you’d like to see your date again, end with something like ‘It’d be great to see you again, give me a call if you like’.

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Rather than dinner and drinks on a Friday, how about an after work coffee on a Monday?

"I understood where [my mom and Brittany] were coming from, 'cause I'm pretty sure they didn't want me to make the same mistake I made with Nova's dad," Briana says.

Yet while their hearts were in the right place, the bickering over Jacob caused her many tears, and Briana says she wishes they would have considered her own wants and needs.

Everyone has different reactions and attitudes towards alcohol and they might be severely unimpressed when you stumble on the way to the loo or mention your nasty ex one too many times. Be on time An easy one this, just be on time for your date.

It’s courteous and will leave you feeling less stressed.