Validating sgml parser dating a guy 2 years older

30 Jun

This chapter describes the steps in testing and reviewing the DTD and what to look for.Testing and review involve the following steps: Once the DTD has been finalized, the document type design team usually disbands, leaving behind the document analysis report as documentation for the maintenance work to come.The definition of a valid comment in HTML may be found at https:// (displayed in new window).It appears that you have specified an attribute value but not supplied the attribute's name.

Also note that HTML Polyglot only allows the five basic XML entity references.

If the value does appear to be present then this error may have been be caused by a badly formatted tag possibly with single or double quotes in the wrong place or even mismatched.

You should not use the & character within attribute values as this may be confused with the start of character references.

The HTTP header information always takes precedence and this may cause the entire document to be full of errors."Most browsers can cope with badly formed comments but some robots may not.

You need to perform several kinds of testing to determine whether your DTD design goals were met in the actual implementation.