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22 Oct

Any exploit that lets an external attacker tell the operating system kernel itself what to is a serious concern that ought to be patched as soon as possible – hesitation is not an option.After all, it’s the kernel that’s responsible for managing security in the rest of the system.So if you download and install it, you should be safe.The malware, known as Pegasus and thought to be developed by an Israeli intelligence software vendor known as NSO Group, was uncovered after UAE human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor received an unsolicited text message from an unknown number last month containing a link.If you have an i Phone, stop what you're doing and update it to the latest operating system, i OS 9.3.5 (to do this, go to your Settings app, tap "General," and then "Software Update." Then tap "Download and Install"). As reports today, security researchers have found a new malicious program that can secretly bypass the security on your i Phone and capture almost all of your data, including all your texts, phone calls, emails, even burrowing into your Facebook and Gmail apps.

No matter who you are, if you have an i Phone running an older version of software, it's vulnerable to this specific spyware, so you should update as soon as possible.

But as for your mobile or desktop OS, you have to give the device permission, accept the updated agreement terms, and then go through with the download.

Once it's done though, your device should run faster and more smoothly than before.

There are other reasons to keep your phone, desktop computer, and their corresponding software up to date, too.

Developers work hard to come up with cool new features that will make your life easier, and if you don't update, you won't be able to take advantage of those.