Updating lock screen text to ruim

15 Nov

In Apple Configurator versions 1.x and now 2.x this is available provided you prepare the devices through AC.

In AC2 customized text uses Tokens such as Device Name, Serial Number, Type etc..

Payload Variables can be used in the Message and Asset Tag fields control the Lock Screen Message in a more automated fashion.

I would like to set a lock screen that asks the user to return it with having to remember to do it manually. What was requested is to mirror the functionality in [email protected] @JKielbasa can we gather a bit more information?Using the Lock Screen payload allows us to send two customizable text fields to the Lock Screen of the device.To respond to a notification on your Lock screen, just press deeply on the notification or swipe left over the notification and tap View.To see all of your notifications on your Lock screen, including previous ones, swipe up from the center of the screen.