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11 Jul

If you purchased the Kindle guide, you should be receiving an e-mail from Amazon soon asking if you would like to download the free update of the guide.

You can see this in action by looking at the Hit% and Crit% columns of my Rogue Twink Armor chart.

Now that I've finished updating my endgame Rogue Armor and Weapons charts with Mo P gear, I'm going to switch things up for a moment to discuss another project I've been working on.

Last year, I added a Level 10 Twink section to my Rogue Twink charts, separate from the Level 10-14 section, to highlight differences between a level 10 twink and a level 14 twink.

Note: When replacing a previous version of the guide, loading the new version will cause any highlights, the last page read, and bookmarks to be removed, and the locations of any notes you've made will no longer match the updated copy of the guide.

I've made several more updates to my site design, cleaning up some of the clutter and converting the few images I use over to nicer, Retina quality graphics.