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10 Jul

“When I had a young baby, I didn’t realize that bedtime would be at a regular time—and that that time would be right after dinner,” she recalls.

While it’s important to get some dates on the calendar, be cautious of overcommitting.

Ask for a number, and once you exchange, be the one who follows up. Don’t wait for the person to call you, or you may be waiting forever,” she says. When I met a potential mama friend at an outing, I tracked her down through a mutual friend and invited her to join our playgroup. If you’re a working mom, consider a monthly weekend playdate, which is what Hurley did when her maternity leave ran out.

She wanted to stay in touch with moms she met but found it was unrealistic to schedule anything during the week.

During the meeting, discussion is often guided by a topic, but before and after, you can have more casual conversations. If you do decide to broach the often controversial topics, be aware that your way is not the only way.

and 7 p.m.” When you’re not around other moms, you’re likely to think breastfeeding struggles or colic issues are limited to just you or just your baby. Where the moms are After my husband returned to work, I packed my baby up and headed out to find my people. They’d be the ones with dark circles under their eyes, disheveled hair, leaking breasts and mismatched clothes.

I made my way to my local hospital’s new mom discussion group.

Hughes and Fedenia both attest to having witnessed mamas alienate themselves by being too narrow-minded and too out-spoken.

Remember: There is never a right or wrong way when it comes to parenting. Once you’ve made a connection, April Ueland, mother of two in Albuquerque, New Mexico, urges you to be persistent. After the first date Once you’ve found your village, how do you keep it? If your hospital group met on a Tuesday and recently ended, get the same group together at the same time to keep the relationships going. Plus, if you miss one meeting, you have another chance to see them again soon.