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19 Jun

I told Henny the only way we can fail is if we dont follow the system. Yes, it takes dedication and determination, its not easy and its a work in progress, but paying bills is so much easier and less stressful now.

Once again, thank you Alan for sharing this plan, we will be forever grateful for this financial freedom youve created for the local people of Hawaii. We care about our friends and family, and we would like to help them find financial hope we found with 101 and feel what we feel today.

Soon thereafter, we realized that it was possible to have the wedding of our dreams.

Our ,000 wedding day is essentially paid off, and we are so excited that we are able to share this blessed day with our son and the people we love.

Henny decided we must be doing something wrong, we need another perspective, new insight, a different approach because what were doing, was obviously not working. What a blessing, and his first financially sound move Im thankful for.

In just 4 months of being on the system, we had paid off ,000 in credit cards and personal loans.

2 months later, we were able to throw our son's first birthday party that we never thought we would be able to give him.

It took another five months to finally sit down and discuss our finances with Jay. During these five months we added another ,000.00 to our debt from the solar panels and Hennys work vehicle.

Our first 99 class with Jay took a while because we didnt do our homework. Jays next appointment with us however was even better.