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05 Jan

SINCE 2002, THE SYMPOSIUM NEW WINE, NEW WINESKINS HAS OFFERED AN OPPORTUNITY for young Catholic moral theologians to engage in shared work and conversation.

Here, the fruits of these labors are gathered into one collection, which represents the wide scope of the future of Catholic sexual ethics.

The blend of voices from different points on the theological spectrum is harmonized in a shared attention to practices--understood not just as sociological descriptions of human behaviors, but as productive of virtue and vice within persons and communities.

An excellent addition to college or introductory graduate courses on marriage or sexual ethics." --JOHN S.

PORTIER, Mary Ann Spearin Chair of Catholic Theology, University of Dayton "By countering the trivialization, as well as overly gloriļ¬ed accounts, of sex and marriage, the authors of Leaving and Coming Home convincingly argue that any Christian understanding of sexuality and marriage must be incorporated into a theology of discipleship and connected to the practices of the Christian life.

Challenging and engaging, each of the essays offers a liberating alternative to contemporary notions of sex and marriage by demonstrating that the fundamental purpose of both is to deepen our ability to love God and neighbor." --PAUL J. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin "Leaving and Coming Home offers wide-ranging treatments and fresh perspectives on issues in sexual ethics, both new and old.

Her nonfiction books for adults include, most recently, Sex and the Soul: Juggling Sexuality, Spirituality, Romance and Religion on America’s College Campuses (Oxford), based on a national study about the influence of sexuality and romantic relationships on the spiritual identities of America’s college students.

Her follow up title is called The End of Sex (Basic Books, 2013).

Donna Freitas has been a professor at Boston University in the Department of Religion and also at Hofstra University in their Honors College.The essays also offer practical insights and models that will interest pastors and lay ministers, as well as scholars. David Cloutier is assistant professor of theology at Mount St. He is the author of Love, Reason, and God's Story: An Introduction to Catholic Sexual Ethics (Anselm Academic/Saint Mary's Press, 2008), as well as a number of essays on Catholic sexual ethics and fundamental moral theology.Jason King is currently chair of the theology department at St. His works include Save the Date: A Spirituality of Dating, Love, Dinner and the Divine (Crossroad, 2003), Dating: A Practical Catholic Guide (Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Veritas Series, 2007), and "Ecumenical Marriage as Leaven for Christian Unity" in the Journal of Ecumenical Studies. Mattison III is assistant professor of theology at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.A regular contributor to The Washington Post/Newsweek’s online panel “ On Faith,” the religion webzine Beliefnet, and Publishers Weekly, she has also written for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Christian Century, and School Library Journal, and she has appeared as a commentator on NPR’s All Things Considered.Her books also include Becoming a Goddess of Inner Poise: Spirituality for the Bridget Jones in All of Us and Save the Date: A Spirituality of Dating, Love, Dinner & the Divine.