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13 Oct

Dating sites have become exceptionally common today, but you’ll need to find the best one to suit you if you’re to find your true match.

Here’s a list of the top dating websites of 2014: OK Cupid has been the leading free dating website for many years.

e Harmony remains popular for those that fall within this category.

The users on e Harmony tend to be less inconsistent than those on OK Cupid because they have to pay for their subscription but not as motivated to marry as those on

These individuals have special needs not only to use the websites but also to find their perfect match.

Individuals with mental disorders, mental disabilities or simply a different way of looking at things need a different type of dating site.

While other dating websites may have a foothold on certain markets, Plenty of Fish has a broad appeal worldwide. Instead, it simply gives you a list of everyone that’s interested in dating in your geographical location and lets you select the people you think match you.

An extraordinarily simple website, it’s also more shallow than the others.

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Those with mental disabilities and caretakers of those with special needs are aware that it can often be very difficult to find them the companionship and friendhsip they need.

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It’s mostly geared towards those under the age of 30 and creates a simple matching system that’s intended to match users based on many metrics.

The matching system is based on hundreds if not thousands of user-generated and site-created questions in the form of a quiz that users can take.