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07 Aug

عطر گود گرل زنانه از برند کارولینا هررا در سال 2016 معرفی گردید .

این عطر زنانه از رایحه ای گلی برخوردار بوده و بیشترین ترکیباتی که در آن احساس می شوند رایحه ی تکمه گیاه ( گل مریم ) و دانه ی تونکا ...

And it is not enough if you say you have visited Prague, so you can easily imagine how similar Slovakia is.

Because Czech republic with its capital Prague is a lot different from Slovakia.

عطر دیور ساواج توسط Francois Demachy طراحی گردید و شرکت کریستین دیور در سپتامبر 2015 آن را تولید و معرفی کرد.این عطر در گروه بویایی گیاهان و برگ های معطر قرار می گیرد.عطر دیور ساواج در نُت ابتدایی ...

عطر ادکلن مانسرا سدرات بویز–Mancera Cedrat Boise عطری است خنک و شیرین.این عطر در سال 2011 به بازار عطر و ادکلن عرضه شد.عطر ادکلن مانسرا سدرات بویز–Mancera Cedrat Boisee عطری است زنانه و مردانه و جذا ...

Nicholas in Ruska Bystra is a UNESCO site since 2008.

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In comparison with other European countries, especially the Western and Northern Europe, Slovakia is still a lot cheaper. It is a paradise for beer lovers, there are places where you can get 0,5 l of beer for just 0,80 Euro.

Slovakia, not overcrowded yet with its just 5,5 million of inhabitants and 49,035 square kilometres, offers many nice places throughout the country where you can have some privacy if that’s what you want.

It’s easy to enjoy a hill, grassfield or a lake just to yourself. Did you know we even have a volcanic lake Morske oko surrounded by UNESCO Primeval beech forests in Eastern Slovakia?

Probably you have heard of it, but you kind of mix it with Slovenia, Russia or still live before the year 1993 and you connect it to Czechoslovakia.

If this is your case, then first check out the basic facts you should know about Slovakia and then come back to this article.