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08 Jan

Actually, I’m hearing the pauses between heavy beats, so I create an empty space inside me – there is where the dialog takes place.https:// #Colectiva Silver Screen proposes a series of feature and documentary film screenings with dystopian, anarchist, activist, trangressive and other various underground culture related themes, ranging from the culture’s onset until the present day.In 2018, festivalul va avea loc in weekendul 17, 18, 19 august, pe acelasi taram fermecat al domeniului Teleki din Gornesti, Mures.Cei care nu vor sa mai stea pe ganduri isi pot achizitiona bilete incepand de astazi, de pe la un pret special de doar 99 de lei, cu camping inclus.Given his abilities to translate various influences, from his Romanian roots to his years as a Berliner, he is making people dance, meditate and heal themselfs through the power of the groove and high frequency vibrations.