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31 Oct

Although the full figures for last year are not available yet, DSC clinic head Tan Hiok Hee estimated that numbers had grown by another 3 to 5 per cent.

This means the final tally would be in the region of 800 to 815.

Youth counsellor Haji Md Yusof Ismail from Ain Society observed that teenage sex in recent years has evolved from sex with single partners for love, to sex with multiple partners to fulfill purely physical desires.

The Internet has been blamed for the increase in sexual activity among teens.

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Starting from a low of 238 cases reported to the department in 2002, it grew to 678 cases in 2005, 775 in 2006 and 657 in the first nine months of last year .

Scaring them with “gross” pictures of infected genitals will be as effective as anti-smoking ads — if these kids don’t love themselves, why would they care what harm they are doing against their bodies.

Perhaps if we dive into the mind of teenagers who engage in this sort of behaviour, we would find that many do this because they lack the self-confidence to say “no”.

‘s Department of STI Control has reported that the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among teenagers is set to hit another high this year.

According to a Sunday Times report today, the reported figures grew from 238 in 2002, to 678 in 2005, to 775 in 2006 and is likely to have hit 815 in 2007.