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05 Aug

"I thought someone got into my account, and banks do call you to check for unusual activity," Sever recalls. The whole idea is to catch you off guard." Sever caught on quickly, though.

He refused to call the number provided -- it didn't match the bank's contact information on the back of his debit card. Sever's incident involved textbook examples of "smishing" and "vishing" attacks -- encounters in which fraudsters send SMS text messages (smishing) and voice messages (vishing) to consumers' mobile phones.

With many consumers too savvy these days to fall for the fraudulent email attacks, scammers increasingly turn to a fraud scheme that target your new constant companion -- your smartphone.

Using text messages and voice mails, the cons try to trick victims into divulging credit card or other personal details.

If a consumer picks up, the call is routed to a fraudster who poses as a government official warning that the victim has missed jury duty.

The fraudster claims that if the consumer hands over his or her credit card information to process a fine, they'll be off the hook.

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These people will do anything to pry you away from your money," Everett says.

If the experts typed in a string of ones or zeros, for example, the site knew it wasn't a valid credit card.

"They're able to detect and determine if you've provided a legitimate debit or credit card number using an algorithm.

And in the last four months of that year it saw about 300 more phishing and smishing complaints than in the four months prior.

"There are so many people who have smartphones now and as that number grows, I would expect scams that target cellphones to grow, too," Everett says.