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12 Dec

If your property is within an incorporated boundary of a city or town you must contact them.If your property is in unincorporated Santa Cruz County, contact Planning and Development.It is your civil duty to attend jury service, however people that are ages 75 years or older may request to be permanently (or temporary) excused from participating in jury service.Nonetheless, people that are 75 years of age or older and wish to participate in jury service, may do so.

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The Assessor’s Office does not track or note easements for this reason.

The Assessor’s Office does not assign addresses to any portion of the county. The Assessor’s Office will not research access to property, however a copy of the parcel history (Alpha Card) may be purchased which sometimes aides in the research.

In most cases Right of Way (ROW) is fee deeded or taken through a condemnation usually for major roads, and some utility purposes.

If you need assistance finding your parcel number you can call the Assessor’s Office at 520-375-8030.

If your property is within unincorporated Santa Cruz County, you must contact Planning and Development to see the requirements for addressing. The Assessor’s Office does not track easements because they do not affect property size.