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26 Apr

They're mankind's first highways, linking up all points on either shore along the navigable stretch between estuary and source.But rivers are also nature's ready-made borders, seized upon by surveyors and mapmakers as obvious dividing markers (1) for the land they irrigate.

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Like Beck's map, this one uses straight lines, and a limited choice of angles (45˚ and 90˚) to simplify geography for the benefit of clarity.Rivers and their liquid, ever-changing names and meanings, are the backbone of , James Joyce's last - and least readable - book.Rivers both connect and divide; not just the sublunar and the supernatural, also different parts of the real world.One of the best examples of the river's myriad functions is the Mississippi.Springing in Minnesota and merging with the Gulf of Mexico at the southern tip of Louisiana, this is an all-American river.