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10 Oct

For some, the idea of a beach bar equals colorful frozen drinks with umbrellas and served in glasses that one can take home at the end of the night.

But for those who like a little more local flavor (read: cursing) and an authentic taste of the coastal life, Pop’s Place in Rockport is a hallowed destination.

It's the kind of place where you almost certainly will leave with a story to tell.

We’re talking about Gilhooley’s, the Third Coast raw bar has become ground zero for oyster slurping.

Admittedly, the ferry ride between Aransas Pass on the mainland and the island of Port Aransas is a fairly short ride.

In fact, once you’ve parked your car on the ferry, you may be tempted to stay in the vehicle and zone out.

Check out the lighthouse dating from 1852 that stands at the north end of the island, then head to Sunday Beach to relax and catch views of the wide-open skies.

The Third Coast may just be America’s most overlooked beach paradise because, not only does it stretch 367 miles without even leaving the state, it also plays home to a Texas-sized number of crazy cool activities. Lying still at the bottom tip of Texas, just detached from the rowdier South Padre Island, this 8-mile, nearly untouched strip of sand is protected by as part of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge.Show up, pay like 15 bucks, and taste all the chili you possibly can.Then head over to the beer fest (for additional bucks) to taste all the craft beer they will allow you to. Not only is this Padre Island basin slightly deeper than the rest of the Laguna Madre, it also boasts good wind and water conditions pretty much year round, making it a popular spot for surf-sailing the waves.Foodwise, Pop’s is known for their legendary fried oysters.But if you prefer your watering holes more colorful than a swirled daiquiri, Pop’s will crack you open an ice-cold beer out of a bottle or a can or let you bring in your own liquor.