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citizenship in 1983 after becoming a British citizen.

A lawyer and environmental activist, he is involved with the Green Party Taiwan, though due to constitutional limitations he is not eligible to run as a legislative candidate until 10 years after naturalizing. She married an employee of Soviet trading firm Amtorg, moved to Russia with him after World War II, and gave up U. A native of Lacey, Washington, Wright became involved with opposition to the Vietnam War in the mid-1960s; his activities with Students for a Democratic Society caused the U. Taylor signed another oath without the alteration in October 1966.

After the end of martial law in Taiwan, he moved back to the island in 1990, and renounced U. citizenship in 2002 to become vice-chairman of Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration. A Denver-area real estate businessman frustrated by fruitless efforts to draw attention to alleged corruption and malfeasance by the Resolution Trust Corporation in the aftermath of the 1980s savings and loan crisis, Wilfred emigrated to Canada and then New Zealand, where he renounced his U.

A native of Maryland, Wilson served in the Vietnam War and then moved to Europe, eventually settling in Suffolk, England in 1974. He later went on to a career as a writer of spy fiction.

permanent residence in 1970 and naturalized as a U. citizen, but returned to South Korea to take up a professorship at his alma mater Yonsei University in 1977. Stern was elected to the Parliament of Jamaica in 2007. in the 1960s to attend the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and thereafter was a university professor for more than 20 years. He naturalized as a Singaporean citizen in August 2009. Some sources speculated that the Reed Amendment (a 1996 law making tax-related renunciants inadmissible) was behind Ver's visa denial, but later in the same year he obtained a visa from the U. Embassy in Tokyo and visited the United States in 2016. citizenship to run as a Jamaica Labour Party candidate in the 2011 election. His four elder brothers all died without male heirs, the last in 1922, so he returned to the United Kingdom in 1925 to take up his title. In 2011 it came to light that he had been a dual citizen at the time of his nomination and was thus ineligible to sit in Parliament. In 2008, the dual nationality of a number of Jamaican politicians became a public issue; Webster eventually announced in 2009 that she would renounce U.

and later returned with them to Israel, where she grew up and attended Tel Aviv University. Brabender was born in 1945 in Montevideo, Minnesota. citizenship in 1948 in Paris in order to become a "citizen of the world", and created the first "World Passport". After graduating from Tulane University in 2006, he went on to play professional basketball in Europe and South America before coming to Taiwan in 2011 to join the Super Basketball League. State Department refused to renew his passport while he was living there, so Du Bois chose to naturalize as a citizen of Ghana in 1963. D'Escoto, born in Los Angeles in 1933, went into politics in Nicaragua in the 1970s and renounced his U. He married Briton Vivienne Haigh-Wood the following year, and rose to fame as a poet and playwright. Now living in Serbia, she is a political activist and one-time candidate for the presidency of Serbia. Born in Germany in 1891, Ernst lived in France for most of his life. Bush administration as having created an environment "scarily similar to the Orwellian nightmare" of his 1985 film Brazil. Gorham, a native of San Francisco, moved to Japan with his wife and children in 1918, where he worked as an engineer for various predecessors of Nissan before transferring to Hitachi. Hakimi was born in Kabul in 1968, and joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after graduating from the Polytechnical University of Kabul. citizen, but moved back to Afghanistan in 2002 and resumed his career in the Afghan government. In 2011 he was named Afghanistan's ambassador to the United States. A native of New York City, Heyman first came to South Korea in 1953 during the Korean War, and developed an interest in Korean traditional music; he returned to the country in 1960 and devoted the rest of his life to musical research and composition, and received awards from UNESCO and the South Korean government in recognition of his work. Roengpithya was born in Bangkok, and studied there and in London before coming to the U. in the late 1960s, where he worked in integrated circuit design. He moved to Singapore in 2009, and renounced his U.

citizenship, but David Levering Lewis' biography of him states that he did not; instead, he lost it automatically under the law at the time upon voluntarily becoming a citizen of another country and swearing an oath of allegiance to it. He held the post of Foreign Minister of Nicaragua from 1979–1980, as well as that of President of the United Nations General Assembly from 2008 to 2009. Louis, Missouri, Eliot moved to the United Kingdom in 1914 to attend Merton College, Oxford. She moved to London after her marriage to Oxenberg ended, and married Briton Neil Balfour. citizenship in 2012 and is listed in the Federal Register under her civil name Elizabeth Karageorgevic. In April 2013, during his second trip to Cuba since his release, he requested to be permitted to remain there with his family; the U. Justice Department agreed on the condition that he renounce his U. citizenship and thus his right to return to the country. citizenship to naturalize as Japanese citizens in May 1941, apparently to escape increasing wartime restrictions on foreigners. citizenship in 2005 to take up a post as Afghanistan's ambassador to China. They first lived in Prague before finally settling in East Germany, where in 1953 he renounced his U. citizenship in protest of his former country's participation in the Korean War. In 2010, she was removed from her seat by court order, but then renounced her U. citizenship and won her seat back in a by-election. While attending Harvard University, he played a role in the founding of Facebook. Born in Guatemala, Schakron became a naturalized U. citizen at age 15 along with her parents, thus holding dual citizenship, but later returned to her parents' native Belize. Seaga was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1930 to Jamaican parents of Lebanese background, but grew up in Kingston. A native of Afghanistan, Shahryar received a scholarship to study chemistry in the U.

This list excludes people who may have indicated their intent to do so but never formally completed the process, as well as immigrants who had their naturalizations cancelled after convictions for war crimes or for fraud in the naturalization process. Andrews was born in China to American father Roy Chapman Andrews and his English wife, and served in the U. After graduating from Harvard University in 1947, Andrews moved to Greece to pursue archaeological studies, and renounced his U. citizenship to naturalize as a Greek citizen in 1975. Held as a prisoner of war at Stalag Luft III, he made more than a dozen escape attempts, survived the war, and was demobilised in England, where he settled and naturalized. Chan was elected to the Legislative Council of Hong Kong in the 1998 elections to represent the insurance constituency. A native of Singapore, Chan-Palay studied at Smith College in Massachusetts, graduating in 1965. citizen in 1981, and founded Chemoil that same year. citizenship to run in the 2004 Leg Co elections, on a platform of improving social services for elderly and disabled people. citizen after marrying an American and living in the U. In 2009, President Ma Ying-jeou invited her to take up a policy advisor position in his government, which required her to give up U. He relocated to Hong Kong in 1977 for career reasons, and became involved in local and mainland politics. Robert holds Belizean and Irish citizenship, and resides in London. In 1968, he obtained British citizenship, then held dual U. In 1949 he became the first foreigner to naturalize as a citizen of the People's Republic of China. He came to Thailand in 1963 with his parents, and after graduating from the International School Bangkok remained in Thailand, first working in advertising before launching a hospitality industry business which grew into Minor International. A native of Chemnitz in eastern Germany, Heym fled in the Nazis in 1933 to Czechoslovakia before coming to the U. He moved to Armenia in 1989, and applied for citizenship there in 1991, which would require him to give up all foreign citizenships upon approval. He returned to South Korea in the 1980s when doing consulting work for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Johnson was born in New York City in 1964 to British parents, and the family returned to the United Kingdom in 1969. The brother of Afghan president Hamid Karzai, he naturalized as a U. citizen but then moved back to Afghanistan in 2001 to pursue business opportunities. Born in 1922 in New York City, Keene served as a professor at Columbia University for over five decades. citizenship to enter Australian politics, and went on to become 42nd Premier of New South Wales. Born in Peru in 1938, Kuczynski continued his higher education in the United Kingdom and the United States, where he later went into exile in 1969 due to political persecution. citizenship to demonstrate his commitment to Peru before running for president again in 2016, this time successfully. citizenship in 2010, and went on to a variety of political positions in Hong Kong, including membership of the 1200-person Election Committee which picked the Chief Executive in 2012. citizenship in 2008 in order to naturalize as a Chinese citizen in Hong Kong so that she could represent Hong Kong at the 2008 Summer Olympics in equestrian; however, after she was naturalized, an injury to her horse forced her to withdraw from competition. citizen, and won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1986. A native of Tainan, Taiwan, Lin received a Doctorate of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University in the 1970s and remained in the U. Born Thomas Christopher Locke, he is a native of the southern United States. He went on to become well-known in Taiwan for his photography, filmmaking, and his 2003 book about his experiences in the Republic of China Army, Counting Mantou. He rose to fame as a singer-songwriter in Taiwan in the 1970s. 437 (calling on Taiwan to deploy troops in support of the American occupation of Iraq) and cut up his U. passport; the following week, he went to the para-consular American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) to renounce his U. Mauch was born in Iowa City, Iowa to Swiss parents, and returned to Switzerland with them in her early youth. citizenship to be closer to her husband and family, according to her lawyer.

Other or unclear reasons The column "Federal Register" refers to whether and when the former citizen's name was published by the U. government in one of its lists of people giving up citizenship. Born in the British Mandate of Palestine, Arison moved to the U. Azaria was born in Israel to an American mother who had made aliyah at age 18. The Legislative Council Ordinance allows legislators in this and certain other functional constituencies to hold foreign citizenship; nevertheless, in the runup to the 2004 elections there was public discussion about amending the Ordinance to abolish this, and Chan renounced his U. She and her then-husband Sanford Palay did seminal research in neuroscience in the 1970s; however, they later divorced. In 2005 he moved himself and the company to Singapore to pursue opportunities in the Asian shipping market, and relinquished his U. citizenship in 2007 to become a citizen of Singapore. citizen, but returned to Hong Kong in 1996 to raise his developmentally challenged daughter. A native of Hsinchu, Taiwan, she won a bronze medal for the ROC team at the 1968 Summer Olympics. Born in Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica, Hayles emigrated to the U. in the 1980s at age 13 with his family, and returned to Jamaica in 2000. However, the processing of his application was delayed for nearly a decade; in 2001, Hovannisyan forced the issue by renouncing his U. citizenship even without his Armenian citizenship approved, becoming stateless. He was elected member of parliament in 2001 and mayor of London in 2008. After his retirement, he moved to Japan in 2011 as a demonstration of his support for the country in the aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Born in 1968 in Las Vegas, Nevada and raised in Whitehouse, Ohio, Keneally emigrated to Australia with her husband in 1994, and became a citizen there in 1999. He remained in the United States working as an economist, and was naturalized in 1999. Kurihara was born in Kauai, Hawaii in 1895 to Japanese immigrant parents. citizen born in Poland; renounced his citizenship in 1945 to take up a position as Poland's ambassador to the U. while attending high school, and then went on to University of Chicago where her parents had met, but afterwards moved to the United Kingdom before returning to Hong Kong in 1999. Born Jennifer Snow in Virginia, she moved to Hong Kong in 1994 with her husband, a Hong Kong native. A native of South Carolina, Lee and his wife Sara emigrated to Ghana in 1956 and set up a dental practice, at the head of a wave of African Americans moving to the country to participate in nation-building as its independence neared. He first came to Taiwan in 1988 to study at Tunghai University, and in 1994 renounced his U. Lo is a native of Miaoli, Taiwan and a formerly naturalized U. In May 2004, he held a concert in which he decried Dana Rohrabacher and Jim Ryun's H. She has lived in Zurich for over thirty years, and became a member of the City Council in the 1990s before being elected mayor in 2009. in 1966 to pursue graduate studies at the University of Rochester. Reed was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan to an American father and Japanese mother, a dual national at birth. She is listed in the Federal Register under her maiden name Denise Eisenberg.