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19 Aug

Enough empty promises, enough wasteful spending, enough jerking us around according to your power group's ability to serve its needs rather than ours. Janice tries to be a useful member of the community and a willing volunteer. And I'm not going to go negative (but have you noticed what little hands that guy has? Politicians of the present are learning lessons like this the hard way with millions of voters who seem to have had enough of them. Why are we undergoing this dizzying shift in voter behavior? It's going to be a bumpy night" Bette Davis (Janice Peterson is a former college professor at Santa Barbara City College in the field of communication, with emphasis on public speaking, argumentation and debate.” Albert Einstein in 1932 said, “There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable.

Listen, I am going to really make this a free country. In 1961, John Kennedy foresaw a man on the moon but did not live to see Neil Armstrong fulfill his promise in 1969. Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush looked optimistically toward the eradication of drugs but our 2016 reality has swung more in the direction of legalization and societal tolerance than elimination.Some are wishful thinking, some are dark scenarios based on a gloomy outlook and the need to see everything end badly whether the evidence merits it or not.Some involve an inclination to control events and other people - to make the future rather than tell it. We need a balanced budget, jobs for everyone, above average schools, and contented blue collar workers. And guess what, the first day I am President I will grant amnesty to all undocumented residents. We're going to win in Florida and we're going to move across the country with my stump speech and that little platform I carry along to make me look tall. And very importantly, we expect them to be sincere, trustworthy, and acting in the best interests of the country. We expect human foibles in our leaders but we want them to be a little better too- more experienced, wiser, compassionate - and otherwise worthy according to the values of the time.