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06 Jul

The Census Bureau also has some data on educational attainment online.

I applied for the 30 free hours today and got 2 text messages to say they've sent me "secure messages" but can I with out how to login to my so called account?! Sent from my i Phone using Netmums I applied for the 30 free hours today and got 2 text messages to say they've sent me "secure messages" but can I with out how to login to my so called account?! I'm trying to log in to see my security messages and keep getting error due to technical difficulties on the website. Sent from my i Phone using Netmums mobile app Hello everyone who applied for the 30 hours free and got text message saying "HM GOV have sent you a secure message to your Childcare Account", can try the link below: I was thinking that it was a quick answer from the Gov saying what is my 30hours code but it was just a Welcome message for the HM Gov secure account.

Tell your MPs about your experiences, and the damage it is doing to nurseries, etc.

Otherwise, it won't be long before they are blowing their own trumpets and spinning the "successes" of a failing scheme at a photo-opportunity in some cherry-picked nursery who might be lucky enough to still be open.

This was always going to create a toxic situation when combined with the rush-hurry-scurry approach of the local authorities handling the payments to childcare providers.

I spent many hours trying to find the correct link and when I got it I just thought to help more mothers like me.But spare a thought for us childcare providers: we are obliged to waste hours on this , just so that we can be underpaid, late, or sometimes not paid at all.It adds to our costs, our unpaid workload and makes our continued existence ever more fragile. It's an appeal to parents to go easy on your childcare provider.The last page said that a 'secure message' had been sent and to login again... I keep getting https://uk...aldifficulties page when I try and register. Arghhhhh But anyway, what I would suggest, if you can, is to get someone to set up another Gateway account, your husband? ) and this time I tried by getting my husband to register, using his details and it worked! The increase to 30 hours may well be the tipping point at which many providers refuse to participate any longer, or simply close their doors for the last time.I luckily found the link on here..thank you poster! Anyone know how long it takes to get the message with the code that the nursery need?? Since end of May I have tried to login over 30 times and made 4 phone calls... Why is there no back up system in place (as each time I call they tell me there is a known technical fault), such as a phone or paper form I can fill in. or even try and set up a new one for yourself using a different email address (not sure if you can do this)..seems to be that it has an issue with some 'accounts' and not others, rather than it being a random 'technical difficulty' 😠 I still haven't received the actual 'code' but it can take up to 3 weeks to get it. The government is now trying to get us to deliver a cynical con-trick which too many people fell for in the 2015 general election, in spite of all the warnings we put out at the time.