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21 Nov

Homophobia in Ghana (Homophobia Plagues Africa) (2010): Monday’s statements by a prominent Ghanaian activist provide further evidence of the alarming homophobia that is sweeping across Africa. Bernice Sam, National Programme Coordinator of Wi LDAF (Women in Law and Development) in Ghana argued publicly for the Constitution Review Commission to limit Ghana’s definition of marriage to include heterosexual couples only. These statements are just the most recent addition to a growing fervor of discrimination, paranoia, and hatred directed at sexual minorities in Africa.John Dumelo Slammed In Nigeria For Acting In Gay Movie (2010): The film is entitled “Men In Love.” It features scenes where top Enugu-based actor Muna Obiekwe is romancing and hitting the back side of Ghana top actor John Dumelo who is facing down on the bed without any string of inner wears.

The law defines unnat­ural car­nal knowl­edge as “sex­ual inter­course with a per­son in an unnat­ural man­ner or with an ani­mal.” - Ghana:- Reggae star Blakk Rasta says being gay is "a mental/genetic disorder" (2011).

Opinion: A Ghanian take on homosexuality (2007): It is an extraordinary reflection on Ghanaian culture that as I sit and write this article, I have yet to speak, let alone see, a homosexual person. - Study Shows Homosexuality Hits High in Tema, Eastern Regions.

It is not difficult to understand why this might be the case in the backdrop of a society where religious creed reigns large and where, as Afrol News reports: "Unnatural carnal knowledge of any person," which is interpreted as homosexuality by Ghanian judges, "is a sexual offense comparable with bestiality, assault and rape in the criminal code… The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Web Pages: - Has Cher Come Out with Anything New?

a relic of repressive British sodomy laws from the colonial age." While homosexuality is officially banned under Ghanaian law, the right to organize and form groups has allowed for a gay rights organization to take root. (1995): I felt the session was incredibly successful in that it opened up discourse on sexual orientation.

In an August 2007 Afrol News report, Prince Mac Donald, the leader of one such group, commented on the plight of the homosexual in Ghana. The audience was extremely interested in the results of the questionnaire.