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06 May

You state that your employer’s reason for turning down your appeal against the change in contractual hours was due to “contractual changes” via the shift review.However, it seems as though by failing to sufficiently consult with you around this change at the outset, they have not followed legal procedures sufficiently.Employers have the duty to consider requests properly.An employer can refuse a request for flexible working if they can demonstrate: an inability to rearrange work among existing staff; the burden of additional costs; a detrimental effect on the ability to meet customer demand; an inability to recruit additional staff or a detrimental impact on quality or performance.but only lookin into the txt side of it all, but i do have a question 4 all that have worked in this field b4, do u actually pay tax and national insurance??i know sounds probably daft but im just not sure how all this works lol Yep I used livelines. Sent from my i Phone using Netmums mobile app I work for (not sure if I'm allowed to put that on here so if the name gets removed message me and I'll let you know!

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In terms of your working hours, employees with children under 18 have a right to formally request more flexible working arrangements.

) You basically have your own "page" on their website, and men can choose who to phone.

You set your own charge per minute, the company takes a percentage and you take the rest.

ok basically i want to ork from home and ave been researchin what to do and ave found it looks like adult chat lines might b the best suited for me just wondered if n e one as n e info or links etc that would help me if u like pm me if u dont want to post a reply thank u all and pls dont judge me liv xx Hi, I did do chat lines about 3 years ago.

Was ok,but I didnt do it for long as I found out I was pregnant and didnt fancy doing it after that.