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18 Mar

A Kenyan health group is traveling across the US to tell Americans how that rule affects the country.

At least one person was shot dead Thursday during clashes over Kenya's re-run election, which has been boycotted by the opposition and shunned by many voters, sparking a crisis that has polarised the east African hub.

The commission asserts that ICTs are opening up spaces for women in places otherwise restricted in many parts of the world.

I insist that ICTs skills and knowledge strengthen women and girls ability to empower themselves for a satisfactory life, to combat negative portrait of women and girls nationally and internationally.

We insist that online harassment is not just about “un-pleasantries.” It’s often about men avowing supremacy, silencing, and habitually, frightening and punishing them The most common cases currently documented in Kenya include cyber stalking, cyber bullying, sexual harassment, surveillance and the unauthorized use and manipulation of personal information including images and videos.

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This is done by strengthening the ICT capacity of gender parity and justice advocates and building a community of robust organizations and individuals challenging violence against women through digital platforms.

Gender-based violence is a pervasive global challenge.

It serves as a barrier to national economic and social advancement across the world.

The Coexist Initiative’s community and its affiliates build on the collective experience and successes of its work of engaging with men, boys and communities toward the elimination of all forms of violence to pull through with the .

The project builds on Coexist’s niche in the anti-VAW struggle and existing partnerships to enhance women’s safety and security in Kenya by preventing the growing violence against women, girls and minorities through ICTs.