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The environmental non-profit sector has always had a difficult time securing financial support, often relying on the generosity of volunteerism.

However, the recent economic downturn has put this sector in an even more dire situation, and the young workers are feeling the pressure.

Singapore began using medical savings account (MSAs) in 1984, but MSAs only make up a 8%-10% of health care spending.

Below is a table which summarizes some of the distinctions between the health care systems in each of the five countries.

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These three countries with UHI systems are mostly funded through a social insurance scheme.

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In Singapore, the government has created a single corporation which now controls about one quarter of Singapore’s hospitals and one half of its stock of beds.

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Financing the Health Care System From the chart above we can see that there are a variety of mechanisms to pay for medical care.

Private health insurance pays for less than 10% of care in all of these countries, likely due to the universal health insurance (UHI) introduced in 3 of the countries.