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29 Apr

"The people of Crimea, from what I’ve heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were," Trump said.One of Trump’s former campaign managers, meanwhile, had been a paid consultant for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine like its former president, Viktor Yanukovych.Regardless of whether the CNN story holds up, the leak is sure to further fuel Trump’s war with the nation’s intelligence agencies.Given the array of threats facing the US, that may be one of the most dangerous outcomes of all.My colleague Zack Beauchamp notes that there are three other less salacious but potentially more damaging explanations of what Russia may have on Trump, and of why the president-elect would have been so worried about its release.

Trump’s weeks-long war with the CIA means this kind of moment may have been inevitable: After weeks of quiet sniping, sources inside the agency or familiar with its work have responded by leaking something truly and genuinely explosive. Late on Tuesday afternoon, CNN reported that the heads of America’s top intelligence agencies had showed Trump evidence that the Russians had compromising information on him.

We don’t know which Trump aides were allegedly dealing with the Russians or whether those Russians worked for Vladimir Putin’s government.

And we don’t know the answer to the biggest question of them all: Just what does Russia have on Trump?

When US spies personally briefed Trump on their findings about Russia, he issued a remarkable statement that barely mentioned Russia.

Instead, he lumped it in with China and other unnamed countries and outside groups as potential perpetrators.