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12 Apr

If you can't limit the dataset to a fixed length and you intend to update a dataset making it longer, you can also leave a pointer at the end of the first part of a dataset and continue it later in the file. If a lot of editing takes place it would make here sense too, to rearrange You can't easily insert data into the middle of a file.You'd basically have to read all the remaining data, write the "new" data and then rewrite the "old" data.Bu there's one case which is not working for me yet. 3 from the file and i add some data to it in my application and i want to update it in the file i have no idea how to do this.If it has the same length as befor i can simply overwrite the old data.So if i want to now where i can find the data of dataset no 3 for example. So that works fine in case i always rewrite the whole file.It's pretty important here, that Dataset no 3 could have been written as the first entry in the file so the index is ordered but not the data itsself. Whether you are new to Oracle or an advanced user, you can find useful information about our products and services, ranging from getting started guides to advanced features.I've got a Random Access File in Java where i manage some data.

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But the number of datasets that could be i n one file is limited.

Although a sequential access mechanism traverses file record in a linear fashion, random access in a file enables us to access individual records directly without searching through other records.

Flat files in general are not meant to be accessed in this manner; moreover, Java does not impose any structure on a file.

Alternatively, you could potentially invalidate the old "slow" (potentially allowing it to be reused later) and then just write the whole new record to the end of the file.

Your file format isn't really clear to me to be honest, but fundamentally you need to be aware that you can't insert (or delete) in the middle of a file.