Quality of life in childhood epilepsy validating the qolce

29 Jun

A/Prof Bye has had a longstanding interest in education of medical students and junior medical staff, allied health and patients. GWVersion=2&Src App=PARTNER_APP&Src Auth=Links AMR&Key UT=WOS:000235088000317&Dest Link Type=Full Record&Dest App=ALL_WOS&Usr Customer ID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a Bruggemann J; Wilke M; Som S; Bye A; Bleasel A; Lawson J, 2005, 'Voxel based morphometry detects subtle dysplasia and neoplasia in childhood epilepsy', JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES, vol. 1289 - 1293O Meara M; Bye AM; Flanagan D, 1995, 'Clinical features of neonatal seizures', Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health (Vol. GWVersion=2&Src App=PARTNER_APP&Src Auth=Links AMR&Key UT=WOS:000320472000037&Dest Link Type=Full Record&Dest App=ALL_WOS&Usr Customer ID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a Smee RI; Cohn R; Ziegler D; Kwok B; Johnston H; Bye A; Andrews I; Stening W, 2010, 'A RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW OF CHILDREN TREATED AT THE SYDNEY CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL/PRINCE OF WALES HOSPITAL', in NEURO-ONCOLOGY, OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC, Vienna, AUSTRIA, pp.She has supervised young doctors in medical training and research and has published on teaching techniques. GWVersion=2&Src App=PARTNER_APP&Src Auth=Links AMR&Key UT=WOS:000232540101117&Dest Link Type=Full Record&Dest App=ALL_WOS&Usr Customer ID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a Northcott E; Connolly A; Berroya A; Batchelor J; Taylor A; Christie J; Mc Intyre J; Aron G; Soe S; Bleasel A, 2005, 'Neuropsychological and language profile in benign rolandic epilepsy over time', JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES, vol. II69 - II70, presented at 14th International Symposium on Pediatric Neuro-Oncology, Vienna, AUSTRIA, 20 - 23 June 2010, Rumeet Billan President, Jobs in Education Room IBI50 POSTER PRESENTATION David Armstrong – Chemical and Physical Sciences Metal Adamantyls - Pathways to Molecular Nanodiamonds Patrick Bozek – Anthropology Retention of Saw Marks on Bone in Water and the Postmortem Submersion Interval Tyler Colasante – Psychology Daily deviations in anger, guilt, and sympathy: A developmental diary study of aggression Lauryn Conway – Psychology Validating the shortened Quality of Life in Childhood Epilepsy Questionnaire (QOLCE-55) in a sample of children with drug resist Lindsey Coome – Psychology Does the Fraternal Birth Order Effect Apply Primarily to Gay Men with a Bottom Anal Sex Role Preference? Links Between Children's Sympathy and Attention Allocation Sarah French – Biology How do dragonflies interact with different landscape types?Sam Hana – Biology Octopamine and tyramine modulate the female reproductive system in the medically- important bug, Rhodnius prolixus Ashley Hogg – Biology RNAi screen to characterize Shank interactors at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction Abiramy Karunendiran – Biology Investigation of Drosophila Musculature using Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy Lucia Mendoza Viveros – Biology Role of mi R-132/212 in seasonal adaptation and dendritic morphology in the central circadian clock Maryam Moazami-Goudarzi – Biology A redox switch mediates the catalytic activity of the carboxysomal γ-carbonic anhydrase, Ccm M Daniel Nino – Chemical and Physical Sciences Molecular Counting in Localization Microscopy Konstantinos Papazoglou – Psychology Examining Police Compassion Fatigue and its Relationship with Personality Traits: A Nationwide Survey Study Melissa Paquette-Smith – Psychology How sociolinguistic factors shape children's early friendship preferences Miriam Park – Chemical and Physical Sciences Probing drug binding to NBD1 of SUR2A, the regulatory subunit in cardiac KATP channels.Challenging behaviours, co-morbidities, service utilization and service access among community-dwelling adults with severe traumatic brain injury: A multicenter study.Sabaz M, Simpson G, Walker A, Rogers J, Gillis I, Strettles B.

A GAP analysis was done to determine needs of paediatricians across NSW.Joanna Peplak – Psychology Children’s Decision-Making and Emotions in Contexts of Peer Exclusion Diana Peragine – Psychology Trans men’s performance on spatial and verbal tasks depends on the activational effects of androgens Firyal Ramzan – Psychology Androgen receptor overexpression leads to deficits in fear-conditioning in male mice.Gordana Scepanovic – Biology The teratogenic effects of ethanol on axon guidance: a Drosophila model for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders Kamalpreet Singh – Chemical & Physical Sciences Small Molecule-based Activatable Photosensitizers Swathi Swaminathan – Psychology The association between musical skills and grammar processing in childhood Sasha Weiditch – Biology & Chemical and Physical Sciences What's metal got to do with it?Prevalence, comorbidities and correlates of challenging behavior among community-dwelling adults with severe traumatic brain injury: A multi-centre study.Northcott E, Connolly AM, Berroya A, Sabaz M, Mc Intyre J, Christie J, Taylor A, Batchelor J, Bleasel AF, Lawson JA, Bye AME.