Pipestem dating definition

11 Apr

I’ll give you a brief history and idea of how pipe stem dating works. Harrington noted that imported English white clay tobacco pipe stem fragments change over time in a measurable manner, following the basic trend of decreasing bore (the hole where one would suck smoke through) diameter from the 17Harrington’s pipe stem periods.Basically, it all started in Colonial Williamsburg in the 1950s, as most things in historical archaeology do. From Harrington 1954: “Dating Stem Fragments of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Clay Tobacco Pipes.” Quarterly Bulletin of the Archeological Society of Virginia 9(1):10-14.Why not make a generic post-in ground or sill set building?My initial thoughts on this are that because it is right on Front Street, right in front of the first port in North Carolina and that most of the visitors to Bath were merchants, this was a way of advertising to the rest of the world that Bath was a cool place to live.About ten years later in 1962 Lewis Binford expanded on Harrington’s histogram and applied a linear regression formula to the relative percentages.The Binford regression formula, Y=1931.85-38.26X, is a fairly simple idea.He is trying to locate unmarked graves in the cemetery using all sorts of fancy gadgets.

The stairs leading down into the basement kitchen of the house have wide brick steps with short wooden risers, whereas, ours would have had a short brick part and a long wooden step.This formula is used by all colonial archaeologists to help date their sites.There are currently two other formula methods; Hanson’s ten linear formulas and the Heighton and Deagan curvilinear formula.The wood would have most likely been used to prevent slipping on wet brick.The Palmer-Marsh House has one of the three known 18 century cellars in Bath, which includes ours and one that Stan South dug in the 1960s in the yard of the P-M House.