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18 Oct

Fortunately, my friends and family were too nice to do that.

Within days of us splitting up, I felt as though I had my life back.

He has just taken me on a surprise trip to Holland to see my favourite swing band.

What’s cemented our relationship is the fact I’m not reliant on him.

I was an idiot to take him back, but I worried about how I would cope on my own with three children – and I would have been ashamed to admit I had failed at the marriage. I cried every day for a week and begged him to come home.

The wake-up call came when he asked me to wait for him for a year while he went out with other women because he felt he’d missed his youth.

When I turned 20, we got married in a register office with eight guests.While I was initially upset, I was also secretly relieved.I had ‘guilted’ myself into staying so long because I feared people would think me awful if I walked out on someone so ill – and I was worried that people would say ‘I told you so’ because we’d got together so young.I’d been through one of the worst things I could imagine happening, and had not only survived, but grown as a person.The thought of being single at 40 used to be my worst nightmare.