Paypal pdt identity token for validating orders

18 Aug

Once you have finished creating your Pay Pal sandbox, you can then access it via https://

On that page, you simply log in with your buyer or your merchant account, depending on the type of transaction to simulate or test.

Note: The setup of the Pay Pal sandbox is not entirely intuitive.

paypal pdt identity token for validating orders-68

But there are other notification methods which run in the background and whose power we can tap to get real time and accurate information about orders and customers.

You can deactivate the sandbox via the relevant Woo Commerce field, once you have tested all processes successfully.

The only thing left is to replace the test email address with your actual Pay Pal merchant account.

A script running at this notification URL executes to validate the request and can take actions based upon changes in transaction status or other events for which notifications were received.

This kind of completes the Pay Pal PDT vs IPN tug-of-war.