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16 Mar

It seemed that journalists were no longer required to believe their own stories to be true, nor, apparently, did they need to provide evidence. ine months after Britain woke up giggling at Cameron’s hypothetical porcine intimacies, the country arose on the morning of 24 June to the very real sight of the prime minister standing outside Downing Street at 8am, announcing his own resignation.Instead it was up to the reader – who does not even know the identity of the source – to make up their own mind. “The British people have voted to leave the European Union and their will must be respected,” Cameron declared.“A distinguished Oxford contemporary claims Cameron once took part in an outrageous initiation ceremony at a Piers Gaveston event, involving a dead pig,” the paper reported.Piers Gaveston is the name of a riotous Oxford university dining society; the authors of the story claimed their source was an MP, who said he had seen photographic evidence: “His extraordinary suggestion is that the future PM inserted a private part of his anatomy into the animal.” The story, extracted from a new biography of Cameron, sparked an immediate furore.At the end of a campaign that dominated the news for months, it was suddenly obvious that the winning side had no plan for how or when the UK would leave the EU – while the deceptive claims that carried the leave campaign to victory suddenly crumbled.

“We couldn’t get to the bottom of that source’s allegations,” she said on Channel 4 News.

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