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27 Aug

President Reagan has made enormous contributions, and he deserves our respect and admiration. I honestly believe that any soldier who has ever been to a war truly hopes he will never see one again.The President's Staff The National Security Council is, in essence, the President's staff. My Marine Corps career was on track in 1981 when I was detailed to the National Security Council.You are not likely to conclude that the Administration acted properly by trying to sustain the freedom fighters in Nicaragua when they were abandoned.

You put the testimony which you think is helpful to your goals up before the people and leave others out.It helps to formulate and coordinate national security policy. I was uneasy at the beginning, but I came to believe that it was important work, and as years passed and responsibilities grew, I got further from that which I loved, the Marine Corps and marines.Some, perhaps on this committee, believe that the N. During 1984, '85 and '86, there were periods of time when we worked two days in every one.If I had to estimate the number of meetings and discussions and phone calls over that five years, it would surely be in the tens of thousands.My only real regret is that I virtually abandoned my family for work during these years.