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05 Oct

After a day at work and a long commute, you might be too maxed out to do anything except talk to the cat.Time away from people, especially for introverts, can be rich and restorative. The New York University sociologist Richard Sennett argues that more and more of us are staying in as a way of coping with stress.In the short term, the strategy works: an evening with the cat is very relaxing.In the long-term, though, staying in can leave us more isolated—and isolation then compounds the stress we’re trying to avoid.

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In such cases buyers and lenders, rightfully risk averse and nervous about the report, insist that the seller order and pay for the Phase II.But this notion of lack of cooperation didn’t really capture the reluctance I felt when I thought about leaving the house. I called it “Front Door Syndrome.” It went like this: I’d get excited about a connection opportunity—say, an orientation session for new volunteers at Greenpeace. When the date arrived, I’d plan my route, fish out some subway tokens, and then…collapse on the sofa. Pretty soon, I’d have House of Cards up on Netflix, and the whole meeting would be more or less forgotten.It’s easy to associate Front Door Syndrome with laziness or sluggishness.All of these things—people, pets, cushions—can be pulled towards you as you hunker down for a blissful evening of doing nothing.And nothing might be what you need to do, sometimes.