New york city dating coach

31 Jan

When she messages potential matches, Golden typically comments on their photos: She types out full sentences, and she does not use emoji, and she certainly does not use innuendo. I asked her if she had ever been rejected on one of the apps. Golden says some of her clients come to her because they need extra help presenting themselves appropriately online, and some of them are just busy and tired of constantly assessing potential life partners on a six-inch screen.

So yeah, I stopped myself.” The only time Golden ran into real trouble keeping up her scheme was the time she left the country for vacation.

Traditional matchmakers charge thousands of dollars to set clients up on dates, Golden noted, and employing one comes with some stigma.

“If you were single, and someone says to you, ‘Oh I’m a matchmaker, I’m working with Abe Schmabe.

Golden is not doing anything untoward, she insists. Most of Golden’s clients are professionals in their mid-30s or older and the majority of them live in Manhattan, where outsourcing is a regular part of the upper-middle-class lifestyle.

All she does is swipe, message, and set up first meetings; clients show up to the dates and take the communication from there. Ironically enough, Golden’s straightforward style stands out in the online-dating world, which is replete with game-playing. “I’m not like, tooting my own horn.” Golden does not worry about the singles on the other end of the line feeling duped; to this day, she has never been caught impersonating anyone. The singles paying Golden to flirt with their Bumble or OKCupid matches are used to paying other people to do their laundry, deliver their meals, and blow-dry their hair on demand.