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My particular interests also include dealing with anxiety and depression as it relates to medical problems life style diseases including cancer, cardio-vascular disease, pain, type 2 diabetes etcetera.I also enjoy working with adults who wish to invest in a healthy lifestyle, in short life style rebalancing.

Special Interest : Relationship/couples counselling/understanding and managing anxiety anddepression/personal growth through life transitions/self esteem work/traumacounselling/working through bereavement We all find ourselves embedded within a complex web of importantrelationships.

Trauma counselling is vitally important after experiencing a traumatic event to minimize further negative impact on your life.

Special Interest : I am interested in a broad range of mental health issues and work with a range of psychological problems including, but not limited to the following:-Mood disorders such as depression and bipolar-Dual diagnosis -Substance dependency -Stress and anxiety-Loss and Bereavement-Trauma-Life-stage issues (Transitional challenges of adolescence, the emotional impact of retirement, adjusting to life after a divorce, midlife challenges, etc.)-End-of-life issues (Aging, terminal illness, and dying)-Acculturation issues (Assistance with the challenges of integrating cultural issues)-Relationship difficulties-Body image (including disordered eating)-Parental guidance-Learning difficulties (ADHD, ADD)-Childhood disorders-Autism (which involves assistance for families on how to manage challenging behaviour)-Intellectual disabilities (which involves family therapy and support)-Crisis intervention (debriefing after a traumatic event, mobilizing psychiatric resources)-Psychometric Assessments (determining strengths & weaknesses, intellectual & adaptive functioning) Special Interest : I deal with a range of psychological problems including depression, anxiety, obsessions, fears, phobias, panic and guilt.

Conducts psychotherapy for a variety of difficulties that may be the focus of therapy.

I am interested in working with adults and adolescents with difficulties in Adjustment, Depression, Bipolar mood disorder, Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma, Relationship issues, Stress management, Personality disorders, Employment difficulties, eating disorders, substance abuse and other clinical diagnoses that may be the focus of psychotherapy.