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25 Sep

She is fussy, neurotic, and fastidious, much like Niles.

Similarly, she's the sort of manipulative, controlling female Niles is attracted to (e.g., Maris).

The following are significant members of the Crane family excluding Frasier, Martin, Niles, and Daphne Crane. He was born in the two-part episode "Goodnight, Seattle".

Although most of the series revolves around Frasier Crane and his immediate family, occasionally members of Frasier's extended family appear. During Daphne's pregnancy, it is implied he takes after his low-brow uncles (Daphne's brothers); for example, kicking away classical music.

She eventually returns his feelings, but the relationship is forced to end prematurely when Charlotte, having bought back her old business from her ex-husband, moves back to Chicago.

Frasier, initially claiming not to have any regrets about letting her go, accepts a high-paying job offer in San Francisco.

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As many of the plots on Frasier surround the romantic entanglements of the Crane men, several women have significant minor roles in the series.To cover this, Frasier tells her that Cassandra is his aunt.But when Faye learns the truth, she breaks up with him for good. Melinda "Mel" Karnofsky Crane (Jane Adams) is Maris Crane's plastic surgeon, and for a period, Niles Crane's girlfriend and (briefly) wife.Frasier initially hires her to set him up with someone following a particularly grim period regarding his romantic prospects.Charlotte sends him on several bad dates but when they get to know each other, Frasier finds himself falling in love with her.