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08 Dec

Peter Wilkinson, who was left for dead by Barley after returning home following a morning walk, has expressed regret at not keeping him away from his family.

Speaking to The Sun, Mr Wilkinson said: 'I always walk the dog at 7am and Tracey always left me a cup of tea on the kitchen counter for when I got back.

Magistrate Jethro Mosime was expected to make a ruling on the bail application on Friday.

The three went to the farm intending to steal scrap metals but, Benson spotted them, chased and allegedly fired shots at them hitting Ndlovu.

Her experience with that publishing company got her interested in launching a publishing company of her own.

Within a few years, she started Title Town Publishing, a Green Bay-based company that focuses on true crime and high-profile, real-life survival stories, the most recent being “Blue Lives Matter,” the stories of several in-the-line-of-duty officer deaths on the Los Angeles Police Department.

Arguing for Benson to be released on bail, Moyo referred the court to the State’s case against Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte in Coligny, North West, where the court granted them bail despite violent protest by community members.

The court room was packed with residents from Majakaneng supporting Ndlovu while a few of Benson’s family and friends were in court, the others including his mother and father were outside the court due to lack of seats in the court room.