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09 May

I have my 1st midwife appointment on the 27th Jan, so I will be asking her how they are going to monitor me incase I do have a weak cervix, it would be devastating to get that far and lose my baby ... I really want another child but don't want to rush it and risk having a miscarriage. and make sure you rest rest rest @mamakatie - big hugs to you... I was also told after some treatment on my cervix that I have a chance now of having a weak cervix, which could mean miscarring late between 16wks and 24wks! I have been researching many other websites and have found them very depressing. I am trying to decide if I should start TTC right away or wait until September to begin trying. @babygirlhopeful - good luck for next month @daffoldil - huge congratulations on the birth of your baby girl @Sassy Stac85 - that's great news... Sassy Stac85, thats fab news, bet by now you have had your 20wk scan, hope all is well. Im already under the consultant at the local hospital because of my daughters growth in later stages of pregnancy. We've decided not to find out the sex of this baby as it will be great surprise at the end of the 40 weeks. Hope theres some halloween pumpkins growing in those tums!!! XOXOXOHi Ladies, I have been trying not to think of getting pregnant, at the hope it will work! All you other girls, i'm still thinking of you & wishing you all lots of Baby dust & sticky beans!! I love already too much because I've waited for that for such a long time, years! Even if he said last time that maybe we should not do the termination, I decided already because I don't want that baby born unwelcomed by the own father. I've been here on this forum for 2 years now and have seen the ladies come in & out of this forum. Saw my midwife today and was able to hear our lil fump's (its nickname) heartbeat. i am keeping my fingers crossed, and hope that we all get blessed with BFP's this month! I can feel the strong attachment with that baby...because it's my baby, our baby and it is inside of me. As for me, I am now 30wks, which means it's 10 wks till Xmas!! I have two boys 8 & 14 and have now been married for 1 month and my husband has no kid and would and will make a great dad pls pray with us as we try to have a baby I will keep all you you in my prayers as well 1proud mommyandwifey Here is a site that has early symptoms, you can check what they did, i was having symptoms and was waiting until about 3 weeks after to take a test. I had my paragard IUD removed on 10/10/11 but was told I could get pregnant because I had unprotected sex the morning before 10/09/11 and should start taking prenatal vitamins. Congratulations to daffodil & 1moreplease , and anyone else if I have missed your happy news! all the best for the futher x Babynumber5...thanks and fingers crossed for you! Daffodil...congrats again and thank you also for the advise. 1moreplease...would like to thank you also and wishing you all the best! I am trying to get my life back to normal...still here in the dark tunnel and can't see yet the light at the end of it! Spazi, so sorry to see your terrible news, I am devastated for you. I don't know how I can recover from this pain, or if... I don't know if it's considered selfish wanting another baby..the fact that I did what he wished for against my heart is not selfish at all... I would like to thank all of you lovely ladies who were with me throughout my journey! I will bear the pain in my heart forever...because the heart never forgets! You ladies are always in my thoughts and wishing that the babydust lands on you soon xxxx So mamakatie & babynumber5, what's the verdict, any news????? Hi new ladies,wishing you lots of luck & hope everything happens quickly for you!! xxx Hello Ladies, I had my Marina removed just under a week ago. My hubby n I are trying to get pregnant with baby number 2 so the last day of my period was 10/8/11. But It hasn't I am still not pregnant and think It just is not going to happen now ... Hey girls, i'm still lurking, stalking you all to see how you're getting on. It is so unfair for the baby if it's only one-sided! But emotional & psychological pain...there is no cure for that! Thanks for all the support & encouragement you all had given me..I will still track on you ladies once in a while to see who got luck...I am already 38 going to 39 and running out of time. But I just cannot stop thinking about it myself, I am not obsessive, just around ovulation time, check my dates match and like to know this is the best time for us to try, then from that point to the day I come on I am just wondering 'am I? I cannot help it, I had an awful migraine last week, but I didn't take any painkillers, just incase! I will be so disappointed this time, as Like you I did everything right, (mainly at night too) But also because Darren is working for a month in china from thursday! Hope At40, nice to hear from you updated! But I am also trying to think positive, I do try to not to keep worrying. I'm sure you will get good news soon xx Well my husband and I have decided this is our last month of trying...

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If you have questions just shoot me on the mail on here and I'll answer. The last 3 days Ive been waking up with a weird taste in my mouth. Spatzi, i am so sorry for you darling, i know it must be so extremely hard for you still. so, after all this babydancing, i hope that we get a positive that stays. poor thing, well the only advice i can give you is its your decision and your body, if you really want this baby keep it, if he really loves you he will come round, but dont make any hasty decisions really think about everything first, much love to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx Hi girls...long time out of here! I would never actually imagined that I can post this... I should be so happy but its not complete as my husband don't want it!

If I had took awhile with my other pregnancies I would not be so worried, but I fell first month with them both, infact didn't really try with my daughter! All the best with baby, not long to have a cuddle now I should be ovulating this week, and Darrens at home for once!!

I feel as I am now 37 that doesn't help, and the fact I have has 3 treatments for pre-cancer cells in my cervix, one extra this time around! (not away with work) So fingers and toes and everything is crossed we will have good news this month.

Most studies suggest that generally women are able to regain fertility after the removal of IUD after the same period of time, compared to other birth control methods . She's now 8 1/2 months so I had it in for a total of 7 months. I'm now 40, I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter and have a baby step-grandson, so I'm in the dilemma of just being thankful for the family I have but I still feel something is missing... Why is it all so bloody hard & unfair & heartbreaking??? He felt so sorry and he said, he wants to pay back. Just still waiting for my first period as the termination messed up my cycle (Dr said i'ts normal). What about the other ladies, how are you all doing??? getting ready to have my little one next month via c-section will keep you all updated and i do come here to stalk to see if you guys have had anyluck with babydust!!!

Intrauterine device is known to have certain risk and side effects that could interfere with the ability to get pregnant after the device is removed from the uterus. =) As for me, My little bean stuck and i am currently 8 months along. I had no problems with it being placed, during , or removal. Well done Congratulations to babynumber5 and mamakatie ... What fantastic news, well done & congratulations Babycakes & Babynumber5 I shall be keeping fingers, toe & legs crossed for you. Bay dust to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hey girls, how you all doing?? I am having huge internet problems so finding it impossible to get on here, but that should be fixed on xmas eve when we finally change internet provider. Good luck, plenty of santas baby dust & sticky beans all round!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL REMEMBER THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON!!!!