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10 May

Tales of Zestiria sub-event guide with details on how to complete each and every one.

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From there, head to Malory and speak with everyone in the area to learn more about Rose.

Defeat the Cardinal Forton and speak to a woman in Lastonbell about some soldiers.

Luckily, the upcoming months I'll finally be able to get back to creating some awesome stuff.

I could promise the world right now, but I'll keep it short.

Every area and character tied to a sub-event is represented with a ‘Purple Star’ on the world map.

After triggering a sub-event, you will notice it in the conservation topics while speaking with other characters.

Kylfe’s Ghosts You need to convince Lucas to evacuate the Marlind after which you will hear the news of some ghosts.

After this, simply listen to Rose and Lailah’s conversation.

Acquire the Spiritual Power of Wind from Guinevere, Shrine of the Wind Trial and discuss a round enemy with a seraph in Lohgrin.

Turtlez You need to talk to Turtlez in Ladylake, the Aquapolis to start the sub-event.

You basically need to purchase a map from Turtlez after which Turtlez will move to a new location.