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14 Mar

Assumptions: This article is not about the pros and cons of Pv D.

It is simply about what process can be used to create virtual desktops that require the use of a Write Cache drive and Pv D.

Why not manually change the file system and registry?

Because the Xen Desktop setup wizard completely ignores all the careful work done by creating folders on the Write Cache drive.

The lab consists of: I am using Xen Server 6.2 fully patched for my hosting environment.

There are separate Storage Repositories for the Virtual Machines (VM), Pv D and Write Cache as shown in Figure 1.

As with most things involving Xen Desktop and or PVS, there is NO one way or one right way to do anything.

Next up is to create a Windows 7 VM to be used as the Master or Golden image. One for the Write Cache drive and the other for the Pv D drive.

After all software and updates are installed, mount the PVS 7.6 ISO to the VM, open My Computer and double-click the CD.

When the PVS installer starts, click Target Device Installation on both screens as shown in Figures 13 and 14. Once the v Disk is created, a Reboot popup appears as shown in Figure 26. Depending on your hypervisor, you may need to shutdown to make the next change.

Update: This has been tested with Xen Server 6.5 with no changes or issues.

One of the reasons to use Pv D is to allow users to install applications.