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10 Sep

Perez sat down with KABB Fox 29’s Erin Nichols this week to remember the legendary woman he called “his,” who he said made him feel like the “luckiest man alive” every time the voice that sang to millions said his name.Perez, who was the lead guitarist of Selena y Los Dinos, told Nichols he has continued his musical career both in Miami and San Antonio.Then, I will discuss with you all the possible additional elements that can be part of a wedding ceremony like Candle Lighting, Rose Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Communion Ceremony, Unity Lace, and Coins of Commitment.After you come to an agreement of what you want, I will show you the final product to your full satisfaction.Perez said Quintanilla asked him what he thought of his sister, to which the young Perez replied, “She’s cool man.” Quintanilla wanted more – he asked again, “No, what do you really think about her?

My pledge to you is to bring honor and glory to God! No Hidden Fees - No Additional Charge For Spanish Ceremonies - No Additional Charge By Number of Guests - No Additional Charge For Sand / Unity Candle Ceremonies or other Rituals.

RELATED: Corpus Christi festival set to honor Selena 20 years after her death So how did the love story that inspired a book begin? In Perez’s anecdote to Nichols, he said the conversation took place before dinner one day.

Perez said he didn’t initially notice Selena had a budding crush on him until her older brother, A. Instead of taking the role of the over-protective big brother, Quintanilla seemed to help Selena out.

All you need to do is make them feel like a woman and fulfil their sexual fantasies.

SAN ANTONIO - To many, Selena remains a Tejano star, even 20 years after her death.