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Politically, the war on drugs is an ongoing fiasco, and pretty much every politician who isn’t a) a raving lunatic and/or b) up for reelection would most likely admit off the record that legalization (or, at the least, decriminalization) of many substances that people are going to take anyway is probably a better idea than spending gazillions of dollars on prohibition strategies that just don’t work.Meanwhile, people’s heads get cut off in Mexico to keep the coke flowing into the US of A, and the Taliban keep growing opium to finance their oh-so-progressive social policies., is a whole lot better than his earlier work, mainly because he’s actually bothered to write songs this time around.Still, we do have one gripe about the album, namely the fact that it took us no time at all to tick the weed reference off our bingo card — it takes precisely one minute and 14 seconds for Nathan Williams to sing “first we gotta get high.” Yes, people, this may shock you, but Williams is really rather fond of smoking marijuana. A couple of years back, we looked at the thoughts of a few of our favorite musicians on the idea that drug use can catalyze or augment creativity, an idea that has, for better or worse, been a pretty significant part of rock ‘n’ roll’s mythology over the years.If the Rimbaudian idea of a derangement of the senses is useful for anything at all, it’s useful for finding new and interesting perspectives to inform your work.Art is most interesting when it’s liberated from the constraints of the self — there is, after all, a literally infinite number of other things you can write about.As with plenty of other holdovers from the “golden age” of rock, however, this shit is kinda tired in 2013.We’re not prudish here at Flavorwire, nor are we particularly conservative in our feelings towards drugs.

Such behaviour scandalised contemporary society and probably took its toll on this restless soul, as he quit writing when barely 21.

There just isn’t anything particularly mysterious or rebellious about them anymore, not when so much of the economy of Mr.

Wavves’ native northern California is based on growing weed (and growers voted against legalization of marijuana because it’d damage the local trade) and even urbanites who aren’t particularly well hooked up can make single phone to get any number of substances .

These days, it’s far more surprising to meet an adult who’s never tried weed than one who has.

That’s not to say that drugs have magically become harmless, of course — but neither is eating fast food or smoking cigarettes or any number of legal pursuits.