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27 Feb

Re the rape chat suggestions - I've never really been a fan of any of the rape mods for Skyrim, not from a moral point of view (it's just a game after all, it isn't real) but I just have never found them that satisfying from an immersion/game point of view, and I can't really think of a satisfying way to build one into this.

Mechanics wise it's relatively simple to add in a speech check and if it fails start a brawl and what have you (assuming the player chooses to), but I think a decent rape mod needs to be so much more involving than just beating people up for sex.

(Must install main version first, then overwrite the esp file with this) Italian Translation Courtesy of Nicole Dragoness.

(Must install main version first, then overwrite the esp file with this) If anyone discovers any bugs or problems then please try and let me know which dialogue option you chose to initiate sex, There are a lot of dialogue routes through this mod, so narrowing down where any problems can be found in bug reports will help a lot.

Foremost of these limitations is that the mod assumes that if you are talking to a female character then you must be male, and if you are talking to a male character then you must be female.

Next you the player are completely irresistible, there is no role playing involved and you are never turned down. You can also only have sex where you are, ideally you should be able to lead your partner somewhere private, but as yet that isn't implemented, and may never be in this first version.

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Any suggestions or help with dialogue would be much appreciated: Bloody script fragments!!!!Features of the new mod (Sex Lab Romance) include the chance of success being determined by your speechcraft, your character level, major quests that you have completed, your standing within the hold (Thanes get more action), The social position of the NPC you are hitting on, if they are married or not, if they are seeing someone else (Skyrim rather sweetly calls it courting!), your respective races (sorry cats, but if you aren't trusted enough to be let into the cities then those humans are not going to be too keen to put out), NPC sexuality (straight, gay, bi) and a few other things.It is hosted on a free Media Files account so there isn't a direct download link I'm afraid.Sex Chat Download Spanish Translation Courtesy of follardo.