Is pat summitt dating

12 Oct

Most girls simply did not go to college on athletic scholarships.

As for me, the closeted little gay girl with gangly arms and dirt under her fingernails, Summitt once wrote: “When you chose to be a competitor, you choose to be a survivor.”And so I survived.

She became the kind of coach she wanted to be, and the entire sport of women’s basketball came along with her.

When the Lady Vols became the best team in the country, it led to women’s basketball getting more recognition and media attention, which led to college teams around the country developing stronger programs, which attracted even more talented athletes, which caused Summitt to adapt her coaching skills to take her team to the next level, which forced other teams to bring their games to the next level.

Summitt graduated from Tennessee, where he spent two seasons on the men’s basketball team.

He also was a student assistant coach for his mother and the Lady Vols.